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The best option is to be prepared with the assistance of world experts.
There is a recorded increase as official ratings describe an increase of unemployment by 2,3 million people. (International Labor Organization, 2016). At an era where employers increase their demands, hire people on flexible and decreased salary terms, the best option is to be prepared with the assistance of world experts. A world of information has flooded the internet. Many candidates find themselves into the position of filtering this information, searching for the best path for their career success. Here in icares we talk with facts, knowledge, specific information and tailored but also pleasant.

More than 15 years of expertise on career counseling, labor offices, aadditional Erasmus+ training the trainers courses and organized workshops, as well as working in national and international organizations, we provide the key strategies and tools to practical career and business success.
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- We provide international experience, because of collaborating with multiple associations.
- You enjoy information nowhere else found on the internet. (up-to-date tools and newest coaching practices)
- We give emphasis on true success stories from top industry people.
- We choose the most relevant and efficient coaching tools based on your needs
- You enjoy receiving tips for a powerful CV and Cover Letter, by being able to locate and improve weak points.
- We believe in active not passive candidacy; all our clients are involved in simulation role plays and active platform discussions.
- You receive specific and not generalized material ,according to the specific needs.

But above all because:
- We appreciate building customer relations based on trust.
- Results of success seen on the customer's face are our enjoyment.
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